The Darling Buds at Fringe World

January 8, 2014
The Darling Buds of May


If you’ve had a squizz at the West Magazine today, you will have seen Jessie’s face giving you a cheeky wink to get you through the day.

For more cheekiness and general silliness, you can come to our big Fringe World show called The Swing Revue! It features shenanigans from some of Perth’s best jazz vocalists and entertainers, including Adam Hall, Libby Hammer, Harry Deluxe and The Cottontail Trio.

We have 6 nights of shows, starting January 24th (on Fringe opening night!), and you can get your tickets here.

If you’re a special DBoM fan, shoot us through an email, promise undying love/support/your first born child (actually, you can keep the kid, we’ll settle for chocolate and your presence on our mailing list) and we might just send you our Mates Rates code.



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